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Management System Certification

Policy of JIA-QA center

The operation policy of the Japan Gas Appliances Inspection Association QA Center (JIA-QA Center) consists of:

1. Observing the standards applicable both inside and outside Japan, managing conflict of interest,
 establishing a management system certification setup which is impartial, eminently objective and
 dependable, and making a contribution to society.

2. Instilling trust and confidence in its certification of the following management systems by
 operating its certification setup accurately and continually improving and maintaining its setup.
   (1)Quality Management Systems (including ISO/TS 16949 and ARR)
   (2)Environm ental Management Systems
   (3)Energy Management Systems
   (4)Food Safety Management Systems(including FSSC 22000)
   (5)Occupational Health and Safety Management Systems

3. Constantly seeking to enhance the quality of its audits and secure the trust of organizations and
 its market.

                               22 February, 2016
                               Japan Gas Appliances Inspection Association
                               Chairman and CEO
                               Yoshinori Suzuki