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Environmental Solution

Soil investigation and countermeasure work

Soil contamination is tangible as the corporate management risk. Under the Soil Contamination Countermeasures Act revised in April, 2010, it is required that a land history investigation (Phase 1 Investigation) is conducted upon changes of the land character of 3,000 m2 or over. As well as the countermeasure work, JIA conducts the Phase 1 Investigation, the soil contamination investigation (Phase 2 Investigation). JIA has enough expertise to meet the customer request.JIA also carries out asbestos investigation and PCB investigation.

SGEC, PEFC, Forest certification and timber traceability verification

PEFC is a forest certification system, which aims to curb illegal logging and promote sustainable forest management. It is supported by more than 30 countries worldwide, and the total area of certified forests extends to 200 million ha.
JIA provides a CoC certification service, which assesses whether companies separates certified and non-certified timber during all phases of the company's production/trading process. PEFC certification scheme allows to certify both recycled and forest-based products. From June 2012, JIA started to provide Forest Management (FM) and CoC certification services according to SGEC, a Japan's forest certification scheme.